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Jamie McGinn officially done for the season, Jesse Winchester is highly unlikely to return this year as well

Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

Mike Chambers, with the Denver Post, has released information that Patrick Roy announced Jamie McGinn is officially done for the season after having back surgery preformed this past November. Roy also announced that Winchester is still having vision problems from a lingering concussion.

The loss of Jamie McGinn has been felt by the Avalanche this season. Last year, McGinn played 79 games and even though he was the "hitting the post" king, he tallied 38 points. He had five points in seven games during their playoff run. He struggled quite a bit this season before going under the knife for the surgery.

Jesse Winchester had a lot of Avalanche faithful excited this pre-season. Last year he played in Florida and had 18 points in 52 games. Unfortunately during a pre-season game against the Kings he suffered a concussion. He's been struggling to skate with, and without, the team since then. Roy says that he is still having issues with his vision, and that he's "not doing well".

MHH wishes healthy vibes to both of these guys.