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Sunday Preseason Recap Thread 10/4/15

Candice Ward-USA TODAY Sports

The beloved Avalanche played last night and lost. The end.

Moving right along, there's a game on Thursday night and a few things will change between now and then. There are decisions to be made on a few forwards to set the final roster.

Will Skille or Glencross or both receive contracts?

Will Mikko Rantanen stay with the Avs or ply his trade at the Alamo?

Will EJ & Landeskog be healthy for game 1?

* * * * *

I'm going to put forth a challenge here, dear readers. We all know Guenin sucks, Brad Stuart got even worse over the summer somehow and Glencross has no business being in the top-6 on even an AHL squad. Seriously, no need to reinforce these points in yet another moronic Pavlovian rant, they are givens.

What I'm interested in is what positives are there going into the regular season. There were plenty of changes over the summer, things were changed that we clamored for all last year and things we didn't see coming turned out to be good fortune for the burgundy & blue. There may not seem to be much at this point, but what do you see that gives you hope for the coming year? What are you excited to see on opening night and beyond?