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Colorado Avalanche: News From Around the NHL November 20th, 2015

Dave Sandford/Getty Images

NHL dropping traditional all-star game format in 2016, will switch to 3-on-3 tournament in Nashville. [National Post]

Calgary Flames Rumors: Semyon Varlamov An Option? [Flame For Thought]

Kyle Wood eager to make an impact. [Bay Today]

Make nets bigger? Shrink goalie equipment? Theories to fix NHL's scoring problem. [The Province]

Researchers putting the collar on concussions. [The Star]

NHL must be careful that changes don't turn into gimmicks. [Toronto Sun]

ICYMI: Quack'd Tooth: Ducks' Bieksa loses tooth in slo-mo. [CBC] {Video, doesn't start automatically}

Hamonic opens up on trade request. [TSN] {Video starts automatically}

Untested former KHLer Artemi Panarin seamlessly adapting to life in the NHL. [Edmonton Sun]