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Game Preview: Avalanche at Capitals

With a win tonight, the Avs can guarantee themselves a winning road trip. Alex Ovechkin & Co. Have other ideas.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Ok, I'm writing this on a cell phone. Why? Because CenturyLink can't figure out how to restore service to my house now for the fifth straight day. So, forgive me if this is a bit incomplete during the morning hours. I'll update it with the good stuff once my cable and internet provider discover a general level of competence.

The Avs lost a tough game on Thursday to the Penguins, in which they gave up three goals in a matter of just a couple minutes following a (ridiculous) Pittsburgh power play. Colorado would make it a one-goal game and have a few chances to tie it up near the end, but it was ultimately another close Avalanche loss. It would drop the Burgundy & Blue to 3-2-0 on this brutal seven-game road trip -- still a success by any measure

Tonight, they look to guarantee themselves a winning road trip against a 12-5-1 Capitals team coming off a 3-2 loss to the Dallas Stars. During the course of the game, Alexander Ovechkin surpassed Sergei Federov to become the highest scoring Russian-born player in NHL history. That's quite a feat in this era of relatively little scoring. One fun fact I read was that Niklas Backstrom provided the primary assist on both Ovi's record-setting goal AND Federov's. Worlds collide!

Puck drops at 5:00 PM Mountain Standard Time. Go Avs.