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Avs fall 7-3 vs. Capitals

Avs are now 3-3 on 7 game road trip

Rob Carr/Getty Images

I thought allowing three goals in just over two minutes was bad in Thursday’s game against the Pens, but having to watch us allow three goals in the first ten minutes against the Capitals, and then allowing another with under a minute left in the first to make it 4-zip was downright disgusting. I’m surprised my TV is still intact.

It was no surprise that Pickard started in the second period. Pickard came up strong with a couple of great saves, especially on a breakaway by Oshie. Cody Mac finally got the Avs on the board with a solid set up from Soderberg and Comeau. The Avs were able to kill a couple of penalties, gaining a bit of momentum, and when they went on the power play MacKinnon, Natty Mac as I prefer to call him, put one passed Holtby to make it 4-2. All was not lost going into the third.

But as the story so sadly seems to go for us this season, just as we think "we still could pull this off," the Capital’s Kuznetsov capitalized on the power play with a goal to make it 5-2. If that wasn’t bad enough, the Avs couldn’t find the puck, but it was actually loose and behind the net making it an easy first goal for Orlov. And we were back to being down by 4. On a positive note, Andreas Martinsen scored his first NHL goal to put us within three, but it appeared the Avs really wanted to be down by 4 tonight and allowed one more to make it an embarrassing loss of 7-3. And with that we are tied for last place in the NHL. The Avs sure are making it tough to be an Avalanche fan right now, but let's see what happens on Monday vs. Winnipeg, we still could still come out 4-3 on the seven game stretch. Maybe.