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Sunday Open Skate: Avs Are Packing Their Bags

Colorado gets three days off as they prepare for their longest road trip of the season.

"Dear Hockey Gods, please make it stop." -- Patty
"Dear Hockey Gods, please make it stop." -- Patty
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Breaking news: the borscht-covered nachos are being taken off the Pepsi Center menu. Why? Because Nikita Zadorov will no longer be inactive on Avalanche game days. Instead, he'll be headed to San Antonio to strike fear into the hearts of the Rampage's AHL opponents. General Manager Joe Sakic talked with the Denver Post's Mike Chambers yesterday and intimated Zadorov needed to be playing top-line minutes, as well as getting priority looks on the penalty kill and power play. As poor as Colorado's NHL club has been in all three of these areas this season, it was becoming clear the young Russian had a little ways to catch up to the current group. I don't think anyone expects him to remain there the entire year, so let's hope he builds some confidence and gets to play 20 minutes a night for the next little while.

Anyway, enjoy your Sunday everybody!