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Sunday Recap/Complaining Thread 12/6/15

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

I'm not actually going to recap the game because anyone that saw it knows what happened and anyone that didn't should consider themselves #blessed and move on. But a few thoughts:

- Varly was a warrior, and I mean that in a good way, and deserved better

- There were openings all night that the Avs could have taken advantage of but they didn't have the composure with the puck to exploit them. Minnesota's forecheck is relentless and well-executed but anytime you have that there's an opening behind them that most teams endeavor to pass into. The Avs did not, at least not much, but they better tomorrow.

- The frustration and later, grim acceptance of the the situation was evident on the faces of the Avs last night. This isn't something that you can coach out of people and it's been their Achilles heel for 16 months now. I can relate, I'm frustrated and don't have any answers either.

- The organization did the team no favors by making the 20th Anniversary game against the Avs kryptonite either. I'm not saying they should have scheduled it against a known weaksauce team, but making a giant production out of a team that fucks with everyone's heads is dumb. Dallas is a fantastic rival for the Avs and their AHL team is also the Rampage's biggest rival, why they and the NHL seem to want Minny to be the new red wings is beyond me.

Anyway, despite the looming doom tomorrow I think the Avs still have a shot at winning the rematch. They get the home matchups, the altitude factor FWIW, and a busload of Hall of Famers in the stands for inspiration. Sooner or later we will beat the Wilds. #WhyNotNow