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MHH vs Burgundy Brigade (After) Hours Game: Final Details

Final details for next week's MHH vs Burgundy Brigade game at Pepsi Center

In case you missed our first post last month, consider this your last chance to come see (or play) as Mile High Hockey takes on the Burgundy Brigade before the Avalanche take on the Coyotes this Monday.


The MHH and Burgundy Brigade will face off prior to the February 16th game against the Arizona Coyotes. The Pepsi Center's main doors will open for us at 2:30 PM, and our game will take place from 3:30-4:30 PM. At 3:30 we'll have a 5 minute warm-up followed by three 15 minute running clock periods of high octane (not) amateur hockey action.


You can check out the Burgundy Brigade's ticket promotions for this season here:

If you want to participate in the After Hours game, you'll need to buy a ticket through that portal for Game 5 against the Coyotes on February 16th.  Show up at the Pepsi Center with your hockey gear before the game, hit downtown for dinner and come back to watch the Avs trounce the Yotes.

How Much:

Burgundy Brigade has an excellent ticket promotion for the game which includes some stellar special pricing.

Upper Level
Upper Level Corner: $29 each (usually $41)
Upper Level Center: $32 each (usually $59)
Lower Level
Lower Level Corner Loge: $70 each (usually $103)
Lower Level Center Prime Loge: $116 each (usually $123)
Club Level
Club Level End: $70 each (usually $103)
Club Level Corner: $85 each (usually $116)


Anyone and everyone is welcome regardless of skill level.  We still have room for more players, and of course for more fans and photographers.  If you're interested in suiting up for the MHH Squad, please sign up here.

If you don't want to play, but you want to watch us make fools of ourselves out there, buy a ticket through the special link and watch from the stands.  Fans, friends, and family are all welcome!


Comment below, email me, or find me on twitter at @ColeDH_MHH.

Go Avs. Go MHH.