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The Waiver Wire: New York Edition

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This week, there were only two disappointments, and it seemed like a couple New York teams aimed to please

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Welcome back to another week of The Waiver Wire!  It’s been a couple of weeks since I wrote due to work picking up a bit, but we’re back to the full swing of things.  It’s that time of the year where teams are starting to clinch playoffs and others are trying to scrape the bottom of the FA barrels to squeak out wins.  This week, there were only two disappointments, and it seemed like a couple New York teams aimed to please.

The Disappointments

James van Riemsdyk – TOR – LW – 91% owned

Much of the world can only watch as the Leafs slowly burn to the ground.  Franson and Santorelli were dealt.  Winnik will probably be gone too.  They are even talks of trading Phil and Dion.  Oh jease.  They are on such an epic and unsustainable tear of terribleness that even the fancy stats community couldn’t have predicted (not that bad at least).  In the last two weeks, Toronto has played 6 games, and JVR was -6 in those games.  No goals, no assists, not much of anything.  He did, however, have 16 shots, which well, if there’s a silver lining, it’s that.  He didn’t even taken any penalties.  What a putrid week for him.  I’m sorry if you own him.  The truth is, it will get a little better, but I don’t know by how much.  With Toronto being sellers, it may be a rough end to your fantasy season. 

Patrick Sharp – CHI – C, LW – 96% owned

Patrick Sharp was, well, not so sharp in the past two weeks (and more).  He has gone goalless in his last nine games.  In the last two weeks, over the span of seven games, he has 1 assist and was -5.  He did have a nasty snipe city shoot out attempt that sent Fleury home crying.  So there’s that.  Unlike Toronto, Chicago isn’t playing terribly, but being 4-3 in their last 7 isn’t entirely great either.  Sharp stepping up (and Crawford not being Crawford) could help this team a bit.  Look for him to warm back up soon, as you are trying to snag that playoff spot.  This week, I don’t have a third disappointment.  It was tough to find well owned players that didn’t do much of anything, so let me know who has disappointed you!

The Pleasant Surprises

Anders Lee – NYI – C, LW – 34% owned

Yesterday, Lee was only 10% owned.  He grew 24% in one day.  He should write his buddy John Tavares a thank you card.  Ever since being put on a line with Tavares and Bailey, Lee has exploded.  I haven’t watched them play all that much, and I don’t want to take away any talent that Lee has, but a large amount of his production is coming from being on such a dynamic line.  Playing 8 games in two weeks is a tough task, but Lee put up 5-5-10 and was +3.  Not to mention that he also had 20 hits in those 8 games as well.  As long as he stays on this line, he will probably continue to produce, so pick him up if you can. 

Travis Hamonic – NYI – D – 32%

Yea, the Isles had a really good week last week.  Normal I try to diversify it, but I love Travis Hamonic as a player.  When they signed him to that super reasonable contract, a lot of people went “Who?”.  In his 8 games of the past two weeks, Hamonic was about to put up 0-8-8 and was +7.  Those are numbers that you are never mad to see coming from a forward, let alone a defenseman.  He averaged almost 23 minutes of ice time and had 21 hits and 12 blocks.  All around beast mode. 

Kevin Hayes – NYR – C, LW – 8% owned

The Isles weren’t the only New York team to have a pretty solid couple of weeks.  The Rangers went 4-2 in their 6 games in the past two weeks, scoring 5 or more goals in all 4 wins.  Imagine that.  You win when you score 5 or more.  Hmmmmm.  The prized FA out of college went 3-4-7 and was +6 over the past two weeks.  He was also averaging just over 15 minutes per game, which isn’t great, but is about right for his role on the 3rd line.  I really wish the Avs had signed him.  But they didn’t.  Props to you NYR. 

Shot in the Dark

Michael Grabner – NYI – LW, RW – 2% owned

Grabner was just activated from the IR earlier today.  He has been injured for the majority of the year, having only played 18 games, but he may be able to make an impact on the Isles, who also just put Casey Cizikas on the IR.  Grabner’s speed, on such a dynamic team may help him contribute in the near future and his position flexibility never hurts.  He’s definitely work the risk. 

Well folks, that about wraps it up.  What fantasy players are frustrating you?  Who is saving your team?  Who do you have an eye on?  Let me know what you want to see next week on The Waiver Wire.