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Avalanche Themed Beer Mysteriously Appears on Facebook

Accidental leak of new beer accompanies tasting event before Feb. 18th game

3PA Session IPA
3PA Session IPA
Colorado Avalanche

It only took about 2 minutes from my noticing the post for it to disappear, but it looks like the Avalanche and Odell Brewing Co. are teaming up on an Avs themed beer to be (formally) announced soon.

Details are sparse, but it looks like the beer in question will be called "3PA Session IPA" brewed by Odell. The post also included a link to a special beer tasting and dinner before the February 18th game against the Los Angeles Kings.

The name is interesting without context. "3 Period Ale"? "3 Peak Ale"? Too bad Avalanche Ale was already taken...

As far as what to expect taste-wise, Session IPAs are a fairly new low alcohol version of the India Pale Ale, of which Odell makes a damn fine version. I'm excited to see one of the better breweries in the state collaborating with the team, but what do you think? Is this just a cheap marketing ploy in an already saturated beer market?

UPDATE: The event has been officially posted. It looks like a similar event was posted a few days ago by the Nuggets showcasing a beer called "Free Throw Session IPA". Odell confirmed the collaboration and also indicated the two beers have the same recipe.

Here's a screenshot of the event info in case the page gets taken down:

Event Details