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First Friday Fan Art: Calling All Concepts

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How do you show your love for Avalanche country?

Here at Mile High Hockey we spend a lot of time focusing on the Avalanche's players, front office, and on ice product, but there's one other thing that makes this blog the best place on the internet for following the Avs, and that's the community of writers, comment posters, and lurking readers.  Since SBNation's platform-wide redesign de-emphasized FanShots and FanPosts, it has been more difficult to promote fan content on the site's front page.  The hope with this monthly series is to promote you, our readers, and the cool things you do with your Avalanche fandom.

Have an idea for a new Avalanche jersey? Send it in!  Draw a portrait of an Avalanche player?  Send it in!  Is your household hockey shrine or jersey collection a real work of art?  Take a picture and send it in!  Sculpt a bust of Landeskog's chiseled jaw line? (That's a little weird.) But send it in anyway!

On the first Friday of every month we'll post a piece featuring the best of MHH's user generated content, so send your work to me at with the subject line MHH Fan Art and tell me how you'd like your work signed (your name, your screen name, whatever).

But wait! That's not all.....

Because the Avalanche are one of the last teams in the NHL still using their original "Reebok Edge" jersey, aka "the Unipron," there's reason to believe that they will be one of the next NHL teams to update their home and away uniforms. (Perhaps even to commemorate their 20th year as a franchise? Hint, hint, Kroenke).  Those anti-piping pipe dreams, combined with the anticipation of a 2016 Stadium Series jersey, give fans and jersey collectors good reason to imagine and create their dream jersey and we at MHH want to provide an outlet for that.

At the end of each month's "First Friday" column we'll add a poll featuring the best user generated jersey concepts from that month.  If we get a great response and lots of submissions, then we may set up a bracket later in the year where each month's best concepts can stack up against one another.

How To:

Now I know what you're saying... That sound's great Cole! But I've never made a jersey concept before and it seems kind of intimidating.  Well, you're wrong!  It's much easier than it seems and there are incredible resources like icethetics and Hockey Jersey Concepts for the design obsessed.

if you're not tech-inclined, you can draw your concepts by hand, or print a template and fill it in.  Hand drawn concepts like this one from icethetics or this series from HJC are a great way to showcase a design concept without learning new software.

If you want that extra polished look, there are a number of great tools, templates, and guides to walk you through the process from start to finish.  As someone new to the jersey design game, I've found these three are a great start:

Hockey Jersey Concepts - Creation Tutorial and Resources

Hockey Jersey Concepts - Tutorial

Icethetics - FAQ and Jersey Templates

As far as other resources go:

Chris Creamer's and

Jim Nielsen's will get you the rest of the way to your dream jersey.


We'll start the series off with a couple of concepts I pulled together last weekend and look forward to your submissions soon.

First up a "faux-retro" Avs jersey inspired by the Monster's outdoor sweater.

Next, the big foot gets bigger.

And last, something very ummmm different.

Which take on the Stadium Series jersey is your favorite?  What do you want out of the Avs next jersey?