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Quote-less Joe Sakic Speaks In Advance of Tomorrow's NHL Trade Deadline

The NHL Trade Deadline is just 1 day away, so what does Joe Sakic have to say about it?

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Here's everything you need to speculate about for tomorrow, straight from the horse's mouth:

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Too lazy to listen? Here's the breakdown:

  • The Avalanche will not buy short term assets to make a playoff push, they know the playoffs are incredibly unlikely at this point.
  • The Avs are not interested in giving up future picks or prospects for short term help.
  • The Avalanche are looking for "hockey trades," a.k.a player for player type swaps that help both teams in the long run.
  • The Avalanche have had trade discussions with lots of teams, many teams have called inquiring about the availability of a number of Avalanche players.
  • No. Ryan O`Reilly is probably not getting traded tomorrow.  Joe Sakic considers O`Reilly part of the core, and wants to re-sign him.
  • Sakic doesn't want the distraction of O`Reilly's contract to stretch out into next season.
  • The position the Avalanche are in, no one is untouchable.
  • Nate Guenin's next extension will be signed with a blue pen.
So what say you Avs fans? What do you expect from tomorrow?