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The Waiver Wire

Playoffs?! Playoffs?! Yep, it's that time of the fantasy hockey year.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to another week of The Waiver Wire!  For most leagues, it is the first week of the playoffs.  If you made it, congrats!  If not, enjoy having that extra hour at work every day.  Just like last week, we are going to bypass the disappointments (because they hardly matter anymore) and look at some fringe players that may be able to get you a couple extra points this week or may be able to replace any players of yours that just got injured (looking at you, Hornqvist -_- ), assuming you still have some add/drops available to use. 

Josh Bailey – NYI – LW – 11% owned

The immediate downside to Josh Bailey’s fantasy value, is that he only plays two games this week (one of them being tonight).  Because most leagues take a day to process add/drops, that means he will only give you one game this week.  His other game this week is on March 21st against New Jersey.  Recently, Bailey has been playing with John Tavares and Anders Lee.  In the last two weeks (7 games) he has put up 3-3-6 while being even on the plus-minus scoreboard.  He’s getting over 16 minutes per night, on the top line with one of the Hart candidates.  Yet somehow, he is only 11% owned.  Jump on this ASAP for that last game, and then keep him if you are ahead.  If you’re still behind, drop him the next day to get another game out of another player.

Kris Russell – CGY – D – 36% owned

Calgary is the Avs of last year.  Everything they do is unsustainable but, fantasy owners don’t really care, nor should you.  Add Kris Russell to the list of surprise players having a pretty solid year.  He’s also been real hot as of late having put up 2-6-8 while being +5 in the last 2 weeks (7 games).  Given that on the season, he has 3-25-28, this is quite the run for him.  In leagues with extra stat categories, he’s also had 9 hits and 42 (!) blocked shots.  Seems like he doesn’t have the puck much, but when he does, he has the golden touch.  If you’re sensing a little bit of déjà vu, it is with good reason.  Russell was listed last week and is still only 36% owned.  Pick him up while he’s still hot!

Curtis Glencross – WSH – LW – 15% owned

Curtis Glencross doesn’t see the most ice time on this list.  He gets third line minutes, and typically sees around 13 minutes per game.  However, he has been capitalizing on what little time he does see.  In the past two weeks (7 games) he has put up 4-2-6 while being even.  Half of his production has come on the power play (2-1-3) and he continues to get PP time.  When not on the power play, he has been with Kuznetsov and Brouwer, a very respectable third line with offensive potential. 

Victor Rask – CAR – C – 2% owned

Victor Rask is currently playing on the third line, but is still getting around 16.5 minutes per game. He’s getting a lot of power play time (4.5 minutes last game) and some SH time as well.  In the past two weeks he has put up 2-5-7 while being +4.  Not too shabby, as Carolina seems to not be taking the tank as seriously as Buffalo or Edmonton.  The downside to Rask, is that after today, his other two games this week are against the Rangers and the Canadiens.  Not the teams you want your fantasy players to play against. 

Mark Stone – OTT – RW – 18% owned

Ottawa has been a pretty hot team recently.  They are making a playoff push, and doing it successfully so far, now only 5 points out with a game in hand.  So needless to say, Ottawa at least has their try-hard pants on.  In the last two weeks (7 games) he has gone 2-4-6 while being +2.  He’s been getting top six minutes while playing with Kyle Turris and Milan Michalek.  Not including tonight, their next two games this week are a huge game against Boston (possible 4 point swing) and then against Toronto.  Not too bad if you are expecting some production.  Also, while you’re at it, if you can, pick up Andrew Hammond (51% owned) if you haven’t already.  Just do it.