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Scoreboard Watch: Your MHH Cheering Guide for March 21

If the Colorado Avalanche are going to sneak into the playoffs or draft high, it's going to take more than just wins, they'll need a little help from the rest of the league.

Patrick Roy wants to do a little scoreboard watching tonight.
Patrick Roy wants to do a little scoreboard watching tonight.
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

A quick look around the NHL at tonight's games.  Who can help, who can hurt, and who can we watch beat the teams we love to hate?

Playoff Watch:

Today the Avalanche have 11 games to play, 78 points in the bank, and they sit 6 points back of the Western Conference Wild Card.

St. Louis Blues (96 Points) at Minnesota Wild (85 Points): Catching the Wild in the top Wild Card spot is still unlikely, but we'll root for it anyway.  Verdict? Root for the Blues.

Columbus Blue Jackets (68 Points) at Calgary Flames (83 POints): The Flames' tenuous grasp on the playoffs gets worse with every loss.  Verdict?  Root for the Blue Jackets.

Vancouver Canucks (84 Points) at Los Angeles Kings (82 Points): The Avs get burned no matter who wins here so the biggest priority?  Root for regulation.  Verdict?   Root for regulation, no matter who wins.

San Jose Sharks (78 Points) at Montreal Canadiens (97 Points): The Avs need all the help they can get from the NHL's Eastern Conference.  A Montreal win would help the Avalanche leapfrog the Sharks, since the two are currently tied in points.  Verdict?  Root for the Canadiens.

Washington Capitals (88 Points) at Winnipeg Jets (84 Points): The Avalanche have to climb over the Jets to make the playoffs this season.  We only have 1 remaining head-to-head matchup with the Jets, so closing the 6 point gap means that we have to pick up 5 points on the Jets AND win the head-to-head.  Put all your cheering energy into a Capitals win in regulation.  Verdict?  Root for the Capitals.

Chicago Blackhawks (92 Points) at Dallas Stars (76 Points): We wont be catching up to the Blackhawks any time soon, but the Stars, just two back of the Avalanche, are still dangerous.  Verdict?  Root for the Blackhawks

Final Verdict, Playoffs:

Blues > Wild

Blue Jackets > Flames

Canucks = Kings if its in regulation

Canadiens > Sharks

Capitals > Jets

Blackhawks > Stars

Tank Watch:

If the Draft Lottery were held today, the Avalanche would select 10th overall and hold a 3.5% chance at winning the 1st overall pick.

Toronto Maple Leafs (60 Points) at Ottawa Senators (81 Points): By now you should know how this one goes.  We are all Avalanche fans.  We are all Senators fans (for now). Verdict?  Root for the Senators

Boston Bruins (83 Points) at Florida Panthers (78 Points): With the overtime loss last night the Avalanche tied the Panthers in points.  Unless the Avalanche want to enter #11 pick territory, they'll need the Panthers to keep winning.  Verdict?  Root for the Panthers in overtime.

New York Islanders (90 Points) at New Jersey Devils (73 Points): The Devils still trail the Avalanche by 5 points.  That's a big gap at this point, but an Avalanche collapse could make slipping past the Devils possible.  Verdict?  Root for the Devils.

Chicago Blackhawks (92 Points) at Dallas Stars (78 Points): If the Avs really want a franchise changing player from the draft this year, falling behind the Stars would be a big help.  Verdict?  Root for the Stars.

Philadelphia Flyers (73 Points) at Edmonton Oilers (51 Points): A week ago the Flyers looked like a good bet to pass the Avalanche in the league standings, now? They've tanked their way down past New Jersey to the 7th overall pick.  Verdict?  Root for the Flyers.

Final Verdict, Tank Watch:

Senators > Maple Leafs

Panthers > Bruins (OT)

Devils > Islanders

Stars > Blackhawks

Flyers > Oilers

Hate Watch:

St. Louis Blues (96 Points) at Minnesota Wild (85 Points): I know it's hard to root for the Blues, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Tomorrow Night:

Only one game of import tomorrow night, so we'll deal with it here.

New Jersey Devils (???) at Buffalo Sabres (47 Points):  The Devils trail the Avalanche by 5 points, but consecutive wins over the Islanders and Sabres would close the gap to just 1 point. .  A Devils win can't hurt our playoffs but it helps our draft pick if things go south for the Avs.  Verdict?  Root for the Devils.