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Tank Wars: Attack of the Sabres

At 7 PM, in a city not so far away...

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Tank Wars 2015
Episode 75


It is a time of fanbase unrest. The Sabres, fresh off a loss against their Arizonan nemesis, maintain their lead in the Tanking sweepstakes. During the loss, members of their home crowd cheered for the overtime goal against, angering a number of the players. Despite objections, this historic tank must roll on. Their prize? A chance at CONNER MCDAVID, a Canadian phenom and the best player drafted since Crosby, or a guarantee of elite player JACK EICHEL at the upcoming draft. Either could help reverse the fortunes of the franchise and bring peace to the First Niagara Center.

The Avs sit at the other end of the tanking spectrum, only a few points removed from the playoffs. Any hopes of the post season are rapidly slipping away. With 80 points, they sit 10 behind Winnipeg for the final wildcard spot, but only 8 games remain. If the team wants to keep even meager dreams of the ultimate goal, the STANLEY CUP, alive, they must win tonight. Even if they miss the playoffs, the victory will help build for the future and bring momentary joy to a fanbase searching for answers.

However, a loss for the Avalanche would push them closer to standings basement. While Eichel is now out of reach, CONNOR MCDAVID could still be theirs. Both fanbases will be cheering for the same club, but a battle of wills and doomed defenses awaits. No matter what happens, only one tank will emerge victorious on Star Wars night...

Avalanche vs. Sabres
Star Wars Night
7PM MT Puck Drop
Broadcast on Altitude 2, THE OCHO