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Quote of the Night: No Foolin'

So some of you stuck around the intrawebs for a loss.

Well, the less said about that game, the better (not that will stop some of you, but still...).  All I know is we only have about 6 more seasons of this to look forward to before the next rebuild, so let's all think about that for a minute. Really looking forward to enjoying MHH again sometime around when my 2nd grader hits High School.  That'll maybe reduce the sting of puberty, I guess.

SBN Roll Call™ tells me we had 432 comments from 30 different users last night.  Here's how the top 5 looked:

# Commenter # Comments
1 Americanario 71
2 niwotsblessing 48
3 ColoradoZebo 39
4 EJ2k6 30
5 AvsFanVA 30

Top honors go to Americanario as usual, but niwotsblessing and ColoradoZebo with strong showings as well.  Overall, no more recs than usual were handed out as we had the winner with 7 and a drop-off to 3 for second place.  Maybe we just aren't as funny as we think we are?

And here's EJ2k6's winning comment from last night (7 recs):


That's pretty much sums up how I feel about politics, religion, and MHH this morning too...