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Colorado Avalanche: News From Around the NHL March 4th, 2015

David Sherman/Getty Images

Tanguay to play in his 1,000th game, there will be a ceremony for him before the game. [The Hockey Writers]

ICYMI: New Avalanche player Caron was a fan of the Nordiques and then the Avalanche growing up. [Colorado Avalanche]

Luongo was pretty clutch for the Panthers last night, he gets injured, leaves the game, gets dressed in street clothes, see the backup goalie get injured and changes back into goalie gear to get back into the game. [CBC]

Lupul and Phaneuf (and his wife) requested an on-air apology over a Tweet and are asking for a donation to a charity. [Toronto Sun]

Kessel is embarrassed for the media over how they treat Phaneuf. [National Post]

So now that the trade deadline is over... who might get traded in the off-season!? [The Star]

Jeremy Roenick talks trade deadline and the 90's. [SB Nation] {Video, but doesn't start automatically}