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So What's the Plan?

How are we supposed to watch the rest of the season now that we obviously suck?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

So how are we Avalanche fans supposed to enjoy NHL hockey for the remainder of the 2014-2015 season?  We know for a fact that the management team is clueless and has several glaring, obvious, no-way-it-can-be-interpreted-otherwise flaws.  We know that the current roster has more holes than fishnet stockings.  We know that Nate Guenin and Reto Berra will hold on to their crowns of King Worst-at-what-you-are-paid-to-do.  We know we wont' be getting new jerseys anytime soon.

So What Do We Do Now?

The way I see it, I can wallow in the suck and over-analyze every move, not-move, potential-move, shoulda-moved, mistake, lucky break, and decision...

...or I can enjoy some things.  Some good things.  Some pretty awesome things.  Below is my list.  Feel free to come up with your own, or you know, continue the wallow.  It's your life, be the fan YOU want to be.

Varlamov continues to be a wonder in net.  I love watching him play.

Duchene continues to give me vertigo and spasms of joy at the same time.  I think I'll still watch him, though.

As long as Roy is rocking that beard, I won't be able to turn away.

I'll continue to watch Landeskog grow into his leadership role and watch him make plays that bring glee to my heart.

I look forward to MacKinnon posterizing defensemen on the breakaway for the rest of the season.

O'Reilly will continue to mature and I want to be around to see it.

I'm still hopeful we'll get to see The Condor in flight before the end of the season.

If I have to make an argument for why you should watch Iginla, well then I don't know what you're doing here.

If I can see Everberg hustle and flow with his relentless forecheck and his subtle skills for a few more games this season, I'm in. Especially if it's on the line with sick-hands Tangs and Johnny Malkin.

Speaking of Tanguay, his 1,000th game is tonight at the Pepsi Center.  Those MHH'ers in attendance better represent.

Hishon the Magician is due.  I hope we get to see it and I'll watch to see if we do.

I wanna see if Barrie can pull a triple-spin move in one shift.  He has the ability.

I'm intrigued by Caron and what he could bring to Duchene's line.  We could witness the birth of a deadly line during this stretch run.

Guenin still has one box (own-goal) to check.  It will happen.