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First Friday Fan Art: March 2015

Why talk about rosters, strategy, and statistics, when we can tall about aesthetics?

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

A little thin on general submissions this time around, but we do have a pair of gorgeous jersey concepts up for vote. If you want to submit your own work for next month's First Friday, email, for guide's and help making your own jersey concepts, check out last month's thread.  Before all that, here's a behind the scene's look at the beauty of the Pepsi Center's raw underbelly.

Penguins Head Equipment Manager Dana Heinze runs a highly entertaining twitter account @realdanaheinze showing NHL stadiums from the behind-the-scenes view of the visiting equipment manager.  With the Penguins recent visit to Pepsi Center, we've got a look at what visiting teams see when they come to the Mile High City.

There are TONS more photos from the Pens trip to Denver on Dana Heinze's twitter account, plus every other away locker room as the Penguins roll on through the season.  Cool stuff.

Next up, something of my own.  A mock up Stadium Series Logo (and eventual jersey patch) for the Avs outdoor game at Coors Field next year:

Last, up we'll take a look at replacing the Avs current, janky-ass apron jerseys.  You know em, you "love" em, it's the uniprons! Courtesy of Wikipedia

Next up, a jersey by MHH reader Raphael that takes inspiration from the original Avs jerseys, and gives them a modern update.  In his own words:

- The design is intended to evoke the original "rocky mountain" jerseys that the team sported before the Edge template was adopted.

- Apron strings removed. No more diagonal line through the captain's "C" or alternate "A's."

- The shoulder yoke stops before reaching the collar and at the elbow. The color change is intended to "cap" each shoulder like a snow on a mountaintop while also creating an "A"/mountain shape in the main portion of the sweater.  That they remind me of armored shoulder pauldrons aligns with the notion of a hockey player as a "warrior" too.

- The points at the elbows, corners, waist and collar are callbacks to the original rocky mountain waves in the team's old sweaters. They're also intended to accentuate the "A"/mountain shape in the uniform.

- Reintroduced the mountain pattern to the hem of the uniform. The sleeve hem was added for consistency with the body and to break up the color along the bottom of the sleeve.

- Piping similar to the sweater was added to the socks for uniformity with the rest of the jersey.

And last, a full home, away, and third jersey redesign from Snow Monster

Some great inspiration for the Avs to fix their jerseys if you ask me. So if the Avs' brass is reading this page, it's time for you to vote, and tell them what jersey to go with for the long haul.