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Quote of the Night: Wild Night

Pretty good turnout for last night's game.

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

We saw 917 comments from 45 unique flowers last night.  Here's the rundown of Chattering Characters:

# Commenter # Comments
1 Randy Time 122
2 Americanario 120
3 EJ2k6 93
4 fivefingers 59
5 mntrumpterguy 58

Discounting the court-appointed presence of Randy and Canary, last night's Long-Winded Linguist was expansion joint fan, EJ2k6.  Bibby was just out of the top 5 with 49 comments so he has the dubious honor of being beneath a Wild fan.

Cole D. Hamilton won the hearts and minds (17 recs) by plagerizing (not really) Erik Johnson's press box tweet:

AJ was a distant second (6 recs) by pointing out that the aforementioned Bibby is actually a Time Lord. I guess that would make Dan his companion?