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Avs Solidify Defensive Foundation, Extend Jan Hejda

But not really

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When the NHL Trade Deadline came and went without much activity from the Colorado Avalanche, we made a fearless prediction that this contract was extension was on it's way.   Well a little over an hour from now the Avalanche announced via twitter that they had come to terms with Jan Hejda on a 3 year contract extension:

With veteran stalwarts Nate Guenin and Brad Stuart already under contract for next season, as well as the Avalanche's young rising star on defense, Nick Holden, the Avalanche have solidified the future of what was at times a shaky blue line during the 2014-2015 campaign.  Those top 4 defenseman are now locked up for just $9.21M annually, with all but Nate Guenin signed through at least the 2016-2017 season. With this signing Patrick Roy seems confident that the Avalanche will have better results on the wrong side of the puck next season:

According to NHL insiderrs, Hejda will take a slight pay cut from his current $3.25M cap hit. 

Last up Mike Chamberrs gives us some insight into Hejda's new Avalanche contract.

We reached out to Jan Hejda for comment about his recent signing and specifically, about how his game will hold up in his more "advanced years" at the end of this contract.  Hejda replied "Well did you see Nate Guenin last night? I'll be 50 before Justin Schultz beats me that bad."

In Depth Contract Analysis:

Happy April 1st 2015.

Disclaimer: I really love Jan Hejda and think he's a great dude.  If Hejda continues his career in an Avs uniform I'll be happy for him and rooting for more #fingerguns next season. Pew pew!  After all, who could root against a guy who conducts interviews this good:

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<3 U Hejda