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Colorado Avalanche: News From Around the NHL April 10th, 2015

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Rick Stewart/Getty Images

Major news out of Russia, the KHL team based out of Sochi reportedly hasn't paid players in two months. That doesn't bode well. [The Globe and Mail]

Teemu Selanne is enjoying time as a golf caddy. [The Hockey News

The leafs recalled Colton Orr... who has been in the minors for almost a year. [National Post]

The Tonight Show takes on NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Superlatives. [Youtube] {Video, obviously}

Social media can be used for good, India's national ice hockey team is trying to raise funds to play. [The Globe and Mail]

A look at Hobey Baker. [Last Word on Sports]

The Erie Otters - the team McDavid plays for - just filed for bankruptcy. [Toronto Sun]

Will the youngest Subban be signed to the Canucks? [Canucks Army]

Los Angeles Kings launch high school league. [Toronto Sun]

Should we no longer be worried about the Bruins? [Raw Charge]

A SB Nation writer watched the IIHF women's world championships, here's what they took from it. [Pension Plan Puppets]

This one is in French, but it's remembering the Nordiques as it almost twenty years ago (we reach that milestone in May) that the team was sold, and then moved. [Le Lac St-Jean]