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Colorado Avalanche: News From Around the NHL April 17th, 2015

Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

An update on Peter Forsberg! [BarDown]

Was the right call made on the Subban slash? Fraser gives his take. [TSN]

StubHub says those that purchased tickets to the Nashville - Chicago game will still be let in. [Nashville Sun Times]

The Stanley Cup has been lost and retuned more than once. Read some stories about the Cup. [Greatest Hockey Legends]

The Ottawa Senators GM said that Subban threatened Stone. [Sportsnet] {Video starts automatically}

Is home ice advantage really as big as we think? [TSN]

Joe Thornton might not be too happy with his head coach, and Logan Couture doesn't think much of the culture in their lockerroom. Ouch. [Pro Talk Hockey]

We all say we'd bleed for our fave hockey team, Reddit is asking you to step up and donate blood to prove it. [Reddit] [Reddit]

Did the refs screw over every single team this year? A look at the power play chances vs penalty kills each team had. [Stanley Cup of Chowder]

NHL'ers get some pretty scary injuries... one can no longer give a "thumbs up" with both thumbs. Some players talk about their injuries. [BarDown]