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Colorado Avalanche: News From Around the NHL April 21st, 2015

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Hockey is pretty big in Winnipeg. During the game, there are very few cars out on the road. [SB Nation] {Images}

Speaking of Winnipeg a little Top Fifty list. [Winnipeg Free Press]

The Oilers better not screw up McDavid. [SB Nation]

A look at who to cheer for. [SI]

On Sean Burke, hockey, domestic violence, and privilege. [Scott C Wheeler]

The Islanders have figured out how to shut down Ovie. [National Post]

Mike Keenan wants to coach in the NHL again, could the Flyers be his landing spot? [Broad Street Hockey]

Coaching diversity is down to zero. There are no minority head coaches left in the NHL. [Color of Hockey]

Bettman likes the way the current point system is working. [NBC Sports]

A look at Dale Weise: "He's been called everything from the Dutch Gretzky to the love child of James Van Der Beek and Joey from Full House." [National Post]

The Sharks will have a new coach. [The Star]

Jarret Stoll could be facing felony drug charges, his initial court date is scheduled for July 1st. [Toronto Sun]