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Stanley Cup Playoffs Preview and Live Thread - April 22

We could see two teams' seasons come to an end tonight!

Corey Perry salutes his biggest fans
Corey Perry salutes his biggest fans
Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

We've got 4 games on tonight so naturally they all share 2 start times. :l Come on.

ELIMINATION: Montreal Canadiens at Ottawa Senators, Game 4 (MTL 3 - 0 OTT)

7:00 Eastern, CBC, USA Network

Just like we all predicted, Dale Weise was the hero for Montreal in Game 3 with two goals, including the game winner. Things have sort of calmed down since the explosive start to the series, and if Ottawa want to stay alive, they need to make sure their focus stays on solving Carey Price and keeping the puck out of the net tonight. Craig Anderson got the nod for Ottawa in Game 3, and by the time you read this I'm sure we'll know who starts for them tonight but I don't right now.

Root for Ottawa if you think the drama is hilarious and therefore want this series to continue forever.

Root for Montreal if you're sick of the crybaby antics of Canada's spoiled and little brother franchises and just want this whole unfortunate business to go away.

New York Rangers at Pittsburgh Penguins, Game 4 (NYR 2 - 1 PIT)

7:00 Eastern, NBC Sports, Sportsnet 360, regional broadcasts

I have been so busy watching that gongshow above I didn't even realize this series had played its third game. Looks like the Rangers won it 2-1. Also looks like the Rangers have scored first in every game of this series, which generally correlates with winning - maybe the Penguins should try to stop that from happening tonight, eh?

If you've been watching this one feel free to project your own preview onto those fillery words.

St. Louis Blues at Minnesota Wild, Game 4 (MIN 2 - 1 STL)

9:30 Eastern, NBC Sports, Sportsnet 360, regional broadcasts

This 8:30 local start on a Wednesday night though.

I've got a quote for you guys about the shenanigans from this series, and I've got a hell of a taek from our friend Do Not Feed The Octopus.

When Ott actually had a chance to help his team with a third-period breakaway, he lost the puck, then fanned on a pass in the crease. He’s not a hockey player; he’s a rodeo clown.

Sometimes Ott mimics a tough guy late in games, when the hockey portion of the evening has ended. Monday, with his team down by three goals in the waning moments, he jumped on the smallest player in the game, Jared Spurgeon.

For Ott’s next act of bravery, he will taunt a sleeping kitten.

"That’s two games now — both wins — that he’s ended up with a 10-minute misconduct," Wild goalie Devan Dubnyk said. "It’s at the end of the game, so we know why he’s out there and that’s what he’s looking to do."

Dubnyk sprinted out of his crease when he saw Ott on top of Spurgeon.

"He’s scratching at Spurgy’s face," Dubnyk said. "He’s on the ice with his glove in his face and I could see his fingers moving, he’s pulling at his mouth and his nose and eyes. I don’t want our guy to end up hurt with his eyes or whatever. And the ref was standing there, so I just told him to grab, to get his hand. I could see his hand scratching at his face, so I just don’t want Spurgy to get hurt and I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what he was trying to do."

I mean, you can go on about how irrelevant the POS is all you want, Star-Tribune, but you've devoted a hell of a lot of inches to him here. Finally, as promised,

ELIMINATION: Anaheim Ducks at Winnipeg Jets, Game 3 (ANA 3 - 0 WPG)

9:30 Eastern, USA Network, Sportsnet

Another 8:30 local start on a Wednesday.

Every game this series has followed a simple formula. The Jets outplay the Ducks, get a lead, but aren't able to open it up much. Then they shell up and discover that oh yeah, their goaltender is still Ondrej Pavelec and that's going to get you scored on. Also something ridiculous happens involving Corey Perry. Either he scores two goals or he gets slapped in the back of the neck by Bufflin and "taunted" by idiot fans who think "haha your name sounds like a girls name what are you a girl??" is clever and biting. Look, Jets fans, if you think being a girl is so horrible, wouldn't that make "Katy" Perry's hundred goals against your team even worse?

The Jets have somehow made the Ducks, the league's silently-agreed-upon heel that nobody actually watches, the good guys in this series. Fuck you, Jets. I hope they sweep you tonight (and then get smacked down by the Flams).