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Stanley Cup Playoffs Preview and Live Thread - April 24

What are these fans running from? They're not--they're running TO the MHH Playoff Thread!

In this picture: You, if the internet were the cheap seats!
In this picture: You, if the internet were the cheap seats!
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight we have the chance to separate to two sinkers from the floaters as two of our Eastern contestants try not to get Eliminated.

ELIMINATION: Ottawa Senators at Montreal Canadiens, Game 5 (MTL 3 - 1 OTT)

7:00 Eastern, CBC, CNBC

The Little Brothers take on the Conspiracy Theorists, East Division tonight after the Little Brothers were able to ward off a tumble into the offseason sludge on the back of Craig Anderson's shutout. That's now over .970 for his SV% in case you were keeping track. The key to watch this game is how many fans log-drop whenever a call goes against their team.

ELIMINATION: Pittsburgh Penguins at New York Rangers, Game 5 (NYR 3 - 1 PIT)

7:00 Eastern, NBC Sports, Sportsnet, regional broadcasts

That's right, the NHL knowingly schedule two elimination games at the same time. I don't know why you're surprised by this.

It's the Bud Ice Mascots up against the ropes to the Future Kings of Gondor, as the Mascots fell 2-1 in overtime in Game 3. Game winner goes to Kevin Hayes, who will be Willie Mays Hayes to me until the day he retires. He was able to slip one through the pads of Marc-Andre Fleury seemingly literally from a funky angle to take the win. Pretty good odds of watching old frenemy Steve Downie trying out for a contract next year with the Wallbangers, but it's hard to tell how much an impact that will have on whether he and the Future Kings get knocked off into the offseason slime.

Minnesota Wild at St. Louis Blues, Game 5 (Series tied at 2)

9:30 Eastern, NBC Sports, Sportsnet 360, regional broadcasts

For the night cap, things remain knotted up between the Giant Douches and the Turd Sandwiches. Devan Dubnyk got played in Game 4 like a dope on a rope. Just straight up tuned. 6-1 your final to the Sandwiches. Tonight the surfboard rotates back to St. Louis, and while the winner may not deposit the loser in their deserved septic filth just yet, whoever proves to have the bigger brass balls will certainly put their foes one step further along the tumbling dominoes of doom.

Is it 7 Eastern yet?