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Stanley Cup Playoffs Preview & Live Thread - April 29

We traded games yesterday to BSN. Still awaiting confirmed details on the return.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

GAME 7: Detroit Red Wings at Tampa Bay Lightning

7:30 Eastern, CBC, NBC Sports, regional broadcasts

It was the best of series. It was the worst of series. It was the goaltender keeping them in it. It was the goaltender they won in spite of. It was almost never having the puck. It was having the puck all the time and not scoring anyway. It was one hell of a hit. It was the worst charge in history. It was a league conspiracy. It was a suspension that didn't go far enough. It was a pretty cool joke at first. It was a joke that went on far too long.

No Kronwall tonight. He's feeling shame for trying to knock off his opponent's head with his ass and elbow. About time too. Hopefully for all our sakes, Ben Bishop remembers that he's Ben Bishop and stops a few shots, eh?