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Stanley Cup Playoffs Preview and Live Thread - May 13

Ya'll betta be watchin game 7 with me.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports


Washington Capitals at New York Rangers (GAME 7)

The Rangers and Capitals got together before Game 6 and read my preview. "Boring?" they said in unison. "Ha! Fuck that guy." And they went out and played a 4-3 hockey game (37 SOG total in the first period!!) that the Rangers held out to win to force the deciding match tonight. It was as the prophet Doc foretold:

The trumpet did honk
And the Caps heaved ho--
Despite 45 shots
It would not go.

Seriously I haven't seen a team turtle as hard as the Rangers did in Game 6 since the Avalanche in 2014. Washington's push was real, but Lundqvist looked out from his crease, and he said, "not today."

Game 7 is tonight. Puck drops shortly after 7:30 Eastern on CBC and NBC Sportsnet. The winner takes on the Lightning for a shot at the Cup. The loser takes on crushing disappointment. No pressure.