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Playoff Live Thread - Round Three Begins!!!

I don't know where everybody is today, but I'm at work...

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Here's your obligatory live thread to discuss all the happenings in today's Preakness Stanley Cup playoff game.

In the East we have Tampa Bay traveling to the Big Apple to take on the New York Rangers.  Tampa is the better rested team, but I think the Rangers are the better tested team in this one.  Hulking, lucky behemoth Ben Bishop backstops the Lighting while Steven Stamkos hopes his goal-scoring woes are behind him.  Ryan Callahan is making his return to the ice for the Lightning as well but Bryan Boyle is out with injury.  On the flipside, recently rung bell Dan Boyle is in.  Here's hoping he keeps his head up.  King Henrik Lundqvist and his All-world genetic material is holding down the crease for the Rangers with a shot at carrying his team to their second consecutive Finals berth.