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Western Conference Finals Preview & Live Thread - May 17

This should be a fantastic series you guys.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

You may have noticed that we generally alternate days of who writes the playoff thread. I've lucked out: I get to write about what could be the best series of the postseason.

Chicago Blackhawks at Anaheim Ducks, Game 1

3:00 Eastern, NBC, CBC

To quote the great Canadian poet, ohhhhh, baby!!!!

After playing multiple overtime games to dispatch Nashville, Chicago hilariously swept Minnesota in the second round, giving them a postseason record of 8-2 so far. Anaheim was responsible for our other sweep, 4-0'ing Winnipeg, and then took care of Calgary in five games. They come in to the third round 8-1. In a playoffs full of 6 game series, the two have played a total of 19 in two series.

These two have taken care of business. Anaheim has looked excellent along the way, with admittedly a softer path, while Chicago had to get through a goaltending speedbump before they found their groove. (Their groove, incidentally, is named Patrick Kane.) And I shouldn't need to tell you about the dominance of Corey Perry but I'm going to anyway: Corey Perry has been equally dominant for the Ducks.

We should expect some really good hockey out of this series. I'm excited as hell.