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WCF Preview & Live Thread - May 25

We're now down to a Best of 3 as the series heads back to California!

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Hope all our American readers are enjoying their three day weekend! For everyone else, happy Monday I guess. Suckers

Chicago Blackhawks at Anaheim Ducks (Tied 2-2)

9:00 Eastern, CBC, NBC Sports

We come into Game 5 tied two apiece after a crazy Game 3 in Chicago on Saturday. It has been a pretty tight-fisted series as far as goals were concerned. Then both teams managed three goals in the third, and then we nearly made it to #weirdhockey again, with Antoine Vermette finally your hero in the second overtime. Chicago have played four multiple overtime games this playoffs and won all of them. I don't even, man.

But this one is starting pretty late on a weeknight so maybe try to wrap things up in 60, okay guys? That has tended to favor the Ducks this series, by the way. They won both regulation games and Chicago won both overtime games. Maybe the Blackhawks' fruits and crap are just better. Who knows.