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Daily Links Around the NHL

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

The Lightning continue to be terrible at home as the Rangers smoked them to force Game 7 [NHL]

Dave Hakstol's contract with North Dakota actually included a clause about taking an NHL job [Grand Forks Herald]

Long connected with being the face of NBA expansion (or relocation) in Seattle, Chris Hansen says he still has not been approached about building an NHL-first arena [ESPN]

He's not the most popular announcer but Doc Emrick's love for hockey is real and he hopes it's contagious [Newsday]

Personally, I loved this piece on the NHL playoff narratives vs. analytics and sucking the joy out of hockey. Highly recommend the read to everyone [Puck Daddy]

Ken Hitchcock signed a one year extension yesterday, setting off the same question around the league: What the hell is St. Louis doing? [STL Today]

Patrick Maroon's career arc has certainly been an interesting one as his failure with the Flyers led to his rise with the Ducks [NY Times]