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WCF Preview and Live Thread: Blackhawks...Down?

We've already got one Game 7 slotted in for this week. Chicago needs to make it two to stay alive.

not strong net coverage
not strong net coverage
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Anaheim Ducks at Chicago Blackhawks (ANA 3 - 2 CHI)

8:00 Eastern, CBC, NBC Sports

Well, Chicago finally lost a game in overtime.

After falling behind to a quick 3-0 and playing like hot trash in doing so (shots through the first were 11-3 Anaheim), the Blackhawks were able to fight back and make it to the promised land of overtime with two goals from Jonathan Toews.  Then Anaheim pulled the football away with a quick tally from future buyout candidate Matt Beleskey to take it, 5-4.

Last time I focused on the Blackhawks' perfect record in their 4 multi-overtime matches. Today? We mention that the Ducks haven't lost in regulation. It took Calgary overtime to take a game off them, and it has taken Chicago two and three overtimes to do it. Chicago's power of fruits and crap is strong, but Anaheim are stronger if they don't let it reach that point.

My dislike for *ucks is both potent and staunch, but if the West has to send a team to the Final, they could do worse than one represented by Bruce Boudreau. Anaheim are on Match Point tonight. His team may be a bunch of fuckers but Boudreau has earned the shit out of this opportunity.