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Stanley Cup Playoffs Preview and Live Thread - May 5

Dos games for your cinco!

Brandon Saad, smackin dat ass, apparently.
Brandon Saad, smackin dat ass, apparently.
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Don't worry friends, the NHL won't make us suffer through one-game nights for the rest of this round. At least not until Calgary somebody loses 4. We're starting pretty late though, so you may think about that post-work nap if you're out East.

Chicago Blackhawks at Minnesota Wild - Game 3 (CHI 2 - lol MIN)

8:00 Eastern, CBC, NBC Sports

Chicago have taken a commanding lead of the series after winning Game 2 by what felt like a whole lot more than the score showed. Shots were even at 31--which, in a game decided by 2 goals plus EN, doesn't reflect super well on the Wild's lauded shot suppression.

I'm reluctant to cheer for Chicago past this series, mostly because only the Flams don't make me think "fuck that team," but it's almost worth it to see if we can get Marian Hossa as many Cups as possible. The dude is ridiculous to watch and more people need to pay attention to that. You know, or you can watch Ryan Suter getting turnstiled. That's cool too. (Spoiler: If you watch the Game 1 highlights you don't have to wait very long.)

Anaheim Ducks at Calgary Flames, Game 3 (ANA 2 - 0 CGY)

9:30 Eastern, USA Network, Sportsnet

Anaheim lead the series 9 goals to 2. There's a decent chance that, if they lose a single game before the WCF, it's this one, but this has been a crushing display of dominance from the league's heel spur. They also are leading the series shot battle 69-54, so I hope they don't get a single nother shot on goal the whole series. Think they'll do that for us?