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Stanley Cup Playoffs Preview and Live Thread - May 7

Could there be double sweeps all the way across the TV? What does this mean???

Carey Price's "oh shit!!!" save selection did not work out for him here.
Carey Price's "oh shit!!!" save selection did not work out for him here.
Mike Carlson/Getty Images

Two elimination games tonight and we know what that means, everyone. What do we always say?

Don't! Get! Eliminated!!!

...........actually, you two can get eliminated. Especially the green one. The green one can get eliminated twice.

Montreal Canadiens at Tampa Bay Lightning, Game 4 (TBL 3 - 0 MTL)

7:00 Eastern, CBC, NBC Sports

The first back to back of the postseason comes to us a day after the Lightning went full Flams on us, getting outshot by Montreal 31-19 in yesterday's Game 3, only to win on this Tyler Johnson tally with literally a second left. Clip courtesy of the NHL via Youtube naturally.

If you look closely you can see the exact moment Carey Price wonders if that goal camera is reflecting his soul or not. It's not, Carey, that's the red light you're seeing.

This one is in my opinion your more likely brooms candidate, both because of Canadiens fans' propensity for declarations of shenanigans, and because this one's in Tampa, a team who has OWNED the Canadiens recently, the day after a really crushing result at the buzzer.

Chicago Blackhawks at Minnesota Wild, Game 4 (CHI 3 - r0fl MIN)

9:30 Eastern, NBC Sports, Sportsnet

Not sure what channel this will start on if the first game runs long. Probably NHLN-US.

Yeo's Yokels are up against the wall too, but they've been more victimized by Patrick Kane than anything else. Corey Crawford has been very good too, apart from a single period of wtf-mode. Chicago have dominated for stretches of this series for sure. But it's probably been more even than anything else everywhere but the scoreboard.

Probably we won't see brooms tonight, just because Patrick Kane can't keep putting up goals like this forever, Crawford is human, and Dubnyk hasn't stolen one in a while. I'm definitely not only saying all that hoping for the full jinx.