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MHH Podcast: Changes!

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SteveHouse and earl06 meet up with BSN's AJ Haefele and Cole Hamilton to talk coaching changes, RFAs, and the future of the Avalanche!

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports


It's been a little while eh? We return and I'm making some upgrades. Part of this is that Soundcloud has gone live with their podcasting support. The other part is me not being cheap anymore. One perk is that we won't be deleting episodes from Soundcloud anymore. The other is that I'm moving toward distribution methods like iTunes and Stitcher.

You can help by testing out our RSS feed. Load it up in your favorite RSS catcher (I use Podkicker on my Android) and make sure this and the last episode show up and work. Thanks!

Now without further ado: We're back!

MHH Podcast: Changes! (6/1/15) by Mile High Hockey Podcast on Mixcloud