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Stanley Cup Final Game 4: The Bishopping

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Tampa leads the series 2-1, but all anyone can talk about is goalie health.

leg positioning brought to you by ben bishop being tall, apparently
leg positioning brought to you by ben bishop being tall, apparently
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Tonight at 8:00 Eastern, on NBC Sports and CBC, the Stanley Cup Final continues its death march into the summer heat. (Seriously. Hockey season is too long.) It's Game 4, in Chicago; the Lightning lead the series 2-1.

Game 3 made it pretty clear that despite league-wide toilet humor, Ben Bishop's problems were not actually poop-related after all. He looked--well, he made 36 of 38 saves. So in that respect he looked awesome. But the goalie's movements were suspect enough to even prompt human thumb Pierre McGuire to ask his coach Jon Cooper about it during a commercial break. The response was hilarious. Whatever is completely apparently obviously wrong with Bishop, the Lightning are absolutely insistent that it doesn't exist:

For the video impaired:

P: It looks like your goaltender's labouring a little bit, anything to that?

C: No, I talked to him between periods and before the game, we wouldn't put somebody in there if we were putting him in harm's way. He's fine. People are talking about him being slow to get up and down but, he's six-foot-seven, so it takes him a little bit longer to get up than most guys.


It was a wildly back and forth Game 3, with Chicago registering 19 shots in the first period, then Tampa firing back 17 of their own in the second. Ryan Callahan and Victor Hedman has strong outings each, with both showing why on Callahan's absolute Allan Parsons Project "Laser" of a goal in the first (this is just a sick angle, btw):

The hockey world is finally taking note of Hedman now that he's on the Stanley Cup stage. Guarantee he starts seeing Norris consideration next season.

Enjoy Game 4 guys. It's usually so tough for me to keep my attention on the NHL as it crawls on into June but this has been a really really good Final so far.