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Sunday Week in Review Thread 6/14/15

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Good morning all. As the Cup Final winds down and the NHL Amateur Draft looms, let's go over a few things that happened this week.

- The trend in the Final has been for Tampa to gain more injuries and lose more scoring so with the Hawks taking a 3-2 lead in the series last night things are looking pretty grim. Monday night could see the first Chicago Cup-clinching victory at home since 1938.

- The Draft is less than 2 weeks away, yesss! Just a reminder that our old friends at BSN Denver have put an ungodly amount of work into prospect profiles from the big names to guys no one's ever heard of. Check out their Draft Central page for all the deets.

- Former Avs GM during the Dark Ages Greg Sherman gained an addition to his title late Friday. He's now the Avs Senior VP of Business & Team Operations while continuing with his Alternate Governor status along with Super Joe. Chris MacFarland now has been added to the staff page, officially as an Assistant GM.

- Avs Goalie prospect Sami Aittokallio has been working out with the Karpat team recently and while they are in the market for a goalie it appears that Sami's still interested in playing in North America next season. With 4 goalies signed plus Calvin Pickard there isn't room for him in the Colorado org so we're probably saying goodbye and good luck.

- As the ECHL affiliation wheel turns: The brother Komets are still waiting to hear from the Avs on next year's plans. Teams start to sign players for next year starting Tuesday or Wednesday if what I hear is true so we should have some affiliation news quite soon.

- Rumors came flying out of the mainstream hockey media last night during the Hawks/Bolts game that the Avs are listening to offers for wayward son Ryan O'Reilly, which I also assume they have been for the past couple of years. The fact that folks like Uncle Bobby and Friedman are ramping this up doesn't bode well for a return for #37/#90.

Since this will inevitably become the thousandth "Trade O'Reilly" thread in MHH's existence I'll offer my #hottaek:

I've always been skeptical that ROR would sign any kind of long-term extension with the Avs before testing Unrestricted Free Agency in July of 2016. If he did it would have to be somewhere between Kessel money and Kane money to get it done early, and that dog don't hunt around these parts. Back near the trade deadline, Joe Sakic posited that this situation cannot become a distraction for the team going into next season, implying that he either signs or is disposed of during this summer's major transfer period. I don't think the return will be all that many are hoping for but it should be a nice package. This is a good draft to have a few extra high picks, so my hope is that something along those lines is included.

- On the lighter side, Avs prospect Mason Geertsen has been Alberta-ing a bit while getting ready for training camp:

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Thanks <a href="">@geertsy44</a> and <a href="">@Robbycainer28</a> for the fun day and taking me out of my comfort zone. <a href="">#EwMud</a> <a href="">#EatingBugs</a> <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; K.O.  (@artist_k_o) <a href="">June 14, 2015</a></blockquote>
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Ookey, fire up the ROR discussion and keep it civil. Bonne chance!