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Colorado Avalanche: News From Around the NHL June 15th, 2015

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Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

I know you love your RoR trade threads, it's being reported that the Colorado Avalanche are listening to offers for Ryan O`Reilly. [Sportsnet]

More drama in Arizona, the Arizona Coyotes now have a temporary restraining order to prevent the city of Glendale from dissolving its arena lease agreement with the team. [The Star]

You thought I was done about the Coyotes? Not even close, Glendale mayor, Jerry Weiers , is'OK' after being tased by Coyotes fan (spoiler, it was for charity). [12 News] {Video starts automatically}

Tampa Bay Lightning's Steven Stamkos could be in for long summer if he can't find a way to score against Chicago Blackhawks. [The National Post]

Blackhawks' Kimmo Timonen retiring after Stanley Cup final. [Toronto Sun]

Vermette overcame tough transition to Blackhawks. [NHL]

Here is a list of some of the returning cast for the Goon sequel. [BarDown]