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The Colorado Avalanche All-Draft Team

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With the NHL draft just a week away. It's time to look at the Avs drafting past.

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

The NHL is full of movement. Free agents and trades are constantly sending players to new teams and away from the teams that drafted them. But imagine an NHL where the only players a team had were the players they drafted. What would the league look like? What would the Avalanche look like?

To answer that question, here is my Avalanche All-Draft Team.

*The Rules: Each player must have been drafted by the Avalanche, they must be on a current NHL roster, and they must have played at least ten NHL games.


Gabriel LandeskogPaul StastnyNathan MacKinnon

Alex TanguayMatt DucheneRadim Vrbata

T.J. Galiardi - Ryan O'Reilly Chris Stewart

David JonesBrad RichardsonCody McCormick

Brad MaloneJoey Hishon

The Avalanche have always been decent at drafting forwards. This crop of forwards isn't too bad and is rather similar to the current roster with seven of these players still in an Avalanche uniform. This roster arguably looks better than the current roster in regards to the bottom six with a once very promising player and soon-to-be free agent like Chris Stewart playing on the third line.


Johnny BoychuckKevin Shattenkirk

Robyn RegehrTyson Barrie

John Michael LilesTom Gilbert

Kyle Cumiskey

This isn't the best looking defense in the NHL, but I would argue that it looks better than the Avalanche's current defense and it even features three Stanley cup winners, though Kyle Cumiskey isn't exactly the most glamorous Stanley cup winning defenseman.


Calvin Pickard

Peter Budaj

Goalies are the Avs drafting weak spot. These two are on here because they are the only two that met the criteria. Nothing against Calvin and Peter, but a goalie line-up that looked like this would not go very far in today's NHL.

Thank God for trades and free agency.