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Avalanche Unveil 20th Anniversary Logo


The Avalanche unveiled the official logo for their 20th anniversary yesterday. The announcement did not include any of the usual long-winded explanations of what went into its design, but that may be because it's about as standard as you can get. It's a circle with "20th" in the middle, surrounded by Colorado Avalanche Anniversary and the logo at the top. What's to explain? "We've been here for 20 years! We've indicated it with this logo! Don't overthink these things!"

I'm sure many fans are annoyed by the lack of panache in the logo, but a quick Google image search for "NHL 20th Anniversary logo" reveals that most of the NHL anniversary patches are... lacking.

I'd say Dallas has the best, but the general theme is the number 20, the team's logo, and that's it.

A little change to the "A" was noticed by @DNFTO on Twitter:

Is a blue puck in the "A" part of the "minor alterations" the Avs spoke of earlier this month? If so, hopefully the removal of the piping is a part of the alterations as well.

How would you change Avalanche 20th anniversary logo if you had the chance?

UPDATE (6/25/15): The Avalanche quietly updated the logo on their site to include a black puck, so it looks like any uniform alterations will not include an update to the primary crest.