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2015 MHH League Bracket Challenge: Round 3 Results

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Harry How/Getty Images

Here's how it's all laid out going into the Final:

  • The top five slots show overwhelming support for the Tampa Bay Lightning with six people choosing them to win it all. The Chicago Blackhawks only have two people on their side.
  • If Chicago wins the Cup, Nicotine Fits will win the Challenge outright. If Tampa Bay wins, Hopfenkopf and Wish We Were There will need to go to a tie-breaker. The tie-breaker is determined by whoever gets closest to guessing the correct number of goals scored in the entire series.
  • Since the last round, three people jumped from fifth to first - Hopfenkopf, Wish We Were There, and Nicotine Fits.
Fun Fact: The mayors of Chicago and Tampa are wagering a lot of food and beer for the Final:

[Bob] Buckhorn is wagering a case of Cigar City Invasion Pale Ale as well as 122 mini Cuban sandwiches and the Original "1905" Salad from Columbia Restaurant, a 110-year-old restaurant in Ybor City, Fla.

[Rahm] Emmanuel is countering with 122 slices of Eli's cheesecake, a case of craft beer from Slap Shot Brewing, a mustard fried catfish and peach cobbler from BJ's Market, and Giordano's best deep-dish.

We'll know the winner in as few as eight days, which means there's not much time left to smack talk in the comments. Get your jabs in while you can!