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Sunday Week in Review Thread 6/21/15

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning all. Besides all the usual Ryan O'Reilly bullshit we had a few bits of news and views this week from and about the Avalanche world, let take a minute to review:

- The Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup. Again.

- We keep getting bits and pieces about sweater changes for next year. Piping, no piping. State flag, no state flag. It's more than likely the bigfoot secondary logo is gone for at least next year, replaced by a fantastically ordinary 20th anniversary marque.

- Joe Sakic and Patrick Roy presented themselves for a conference call on Thursday and answered a few questions, sort of. I don't blame them for being evasive, this time of year being vague has definite benefits. If you haven't listened to it firsthand, here it is for your Sunday morning enjoyment.

- Leading up to the draft we've had several mocks on the site and elsewhere for some speculation about which fabulous player the Avs will end up with Friday night. Check 'em out so you can sound smart when we pick Hayden McCool in the 6th round.

- Some dates coming up to keep in mind:

The NHL Amateur Draft starts this Friday night and continues through Saturday

RFA qualifying offers must be made by a week from Monday. I'll have an article addressing this tomorrow.

Free Agent Frenzy begins a week from Wednesday on 7/1 but the legal tampering period starts this week.

It's a big 10 days coming up in AvsLand so lock it in and rip the knob off. Enjoy!