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Live Updates: 2015 GM & Board of Governors Meetings

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Las Vegas hosts the NHL's top executives to discuss numerous hot-button topics concerning the future of hockey.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Representatives from 30 NHL franchises will meet Tuesday and Wednesday to discuss significant issues concerning the future of North American professional hockey. On the docket are the 2016 salary cap, 3-on-3 overtime, and league expansion. Follow along here for live updates and commentary:

This cap figure represents a 5% increase over 2014-15's number, which was more or less what everyone expected. Most importantly, we also now know the Colorado Avalanche will have $13.4M to spend next season, which will a strong consideration as the Joe Sakic tries to extend current contracts and navigate the free agency market.

The cap floor is also something for the Avs to consider, as there will be teams looking to take on contracts just to reach the floor.

This is big news. Details to come...

And here come details. No 4-on-4 at all. OT goes straight to 3-on-3 next year. McKenzie reports NHLPA was "adamantly opposed"  to the AHL model proposed last year.

Speaking of 3-on-3, this sounds like a bunch of fun too. Anything to mix-up the current All-Star game format should be welcomed with a parade.

This I'm less excited about for time reasons. On-field/court challenges have been my biggest gripe about other sports.

No one is going to complain about this! Home opener vs. emerging rival Minnesota Wild.

And now we're one step closer.