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Colorado Avalanche: News From Around the NHL June 25th, 2015

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Rick Stewart/Getty Images

NHL announces start of expansion process. [CBC]

No surprise... Quebecor says it will apply for NHL franchise. [TSN]

So will another group to get one more team in the Greater Toronto Area. [Ottawa Sun]

How the Clark-Sundin draft blockbuster came to be. [Sportsnet]

This year marks 10th anniversary of Canadiens drafting Carey Price. [Montreal Gazette]

Tyson Barrie surprises Journey hockey students. [Sooke News Mirror]

An interview with Alan Hepple, the Colorado Avalanche Director of Scouting. [Bayshore Broadcasting] {The interview is audio}

A list of all thirty home openers. [NJ]

Ten of the best undrafted NHL'ers [Sportsnet] and some of the biggest busts [Sportsnet].

Difficult to get full value for an NHL goalie right now, report veteran NHL writers. [Edmonton Journal]

Brent Burns attempts to guess teammates based on NHL 15 avatars. [Puck Daddy]