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2015 Draft: Rounds 2-7 - The Avs are on the Clock

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Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning all! After an exciting first night for the Avalanche, picking Mikko Rantanen and making the Zadorov trade, we turn our attention to Day 2. Colorado opens things with the 31st pick and has the 40th soon after, so fire up the NHL Network and settle in for more good news.

Avs picks today:

#31 - 1st pick, 2nd round. Acquired from Buffalo yesterday

#40 - 10th pick, 2nd round

#71 - 10th pick, 3rd round

#101 - 10th pick, 4th round

#161 - 10th pick, 6th round

#191 - 10th pick, 7th round

There's a ton of talent left for the 31/40 picks, this is very exciting. Cody Nickolet whipped up a nice breakdown last night of who we might be looking at for those. From the 3rd round on it's more of a Christmas morning situation where you never know what teams are going to be thinking and organizational needs nudge decisions this way and that.

Grab some coffee and your pastries of choice and enjoy!