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Colorado Avalanche: News From Around the NHL June 3rd, 2015

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Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Ex-Blackhawks player, Lightning coach Steve Ludzik suing NHL over concussions. [Second City Hockey]

Daniel Carcillo is trying to live up to the promise he made Steve Montador. [Sporting News]

John Hynes becomes NHL's youngest head coach. [CBC]

Why NHL teams should save their money this offseason: the Top 2016 Free Agents. [The Hockey Writers]

Fans upset some teams not allowing them to wear opponents' colours at home games. [The Spec]

Is NHL season is far too long? [The National]

Stamkos talks about recovering from his injury and missing the Olympics. [The Star]

The Canadiens sign Petry for six years. [The Globe and Mail]

The gang at BSN did a full first round mock draft [BSN]