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Turn and face the strange, Mile High Hockey. There's a new sheriff in town.

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

For many of us, Mile High Hockey is the essential conduit through which we enjoy this sport. It provides us crucial facts, fantastic analysis, and -- most importantly -- the community with whom we cheer our heroes in burgundy and blue. For me, the content of this blog helped me learn and appreciate a sport previously as foreign to me as cricket or caber tossing. I didn't grow up on ice skates; and despite calling Colorado home during the Avalanche's early championship years, it wasn't something I spent a lot of time watching.

Strangely, it took until the lean years after 2008 to really grab my attention. A friend kept throwing tickets my way, and I just kept going. It didn't take long for the fast-paced play and sincerity of the players to win me over -- even through difficult seasons. Hockey begs to be watched in person. You have hear the boards rattle after a big check, feel the ice in the air, scream with 18,000 other fans when the puck whistles into the net. That's how it puts you under its spell.

Mile High Hockey introduced me to the nuances -- game strategy, lineup construction, player development, and the advances in new statistics. It got me excited about prospects and draft picks, worried about impending contract negotiations, worked up for rivalries -- all the secondary elements that make sports fun to follow. This website helped incite a fervor within me for hockey I never, during my youth, would have thought possible.

I owe this community quite a bit.

So, when I found out Mile High Hockey needed new leadership, I felt a great way to give back would be to offer my services as the managing editor. Perhaps delusionally, SBNation is giving me that opportunity.

Effective immediately, I will be helping our community curate the content we consume to better know and enjoy our favorite team. This site is fortunate to have many talented writers and fantastic traditions, and my first priority is to maintain what the site already does so well. But I also have high aspirations for what this blog can accomplish, and will work hard to build upon its already solid foundation a wealth of great feature writing and analysis we don't get from traditional media. With your participation, I enthusiastically believe Mile High Hockey can change the sports dialog in this city.

It may take me a little bit to acclimate and rally the troops, but we'll get rolling on some new content soon. Look forward to some pieces on the upcoming draft, as well as free agency, and numerous other topics concerning the Colorado Avalanche offseason. I have such high hopes for the team next year and I can't wait to get started here. Thank you for having me!

Yours humbly,