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Stanley Cup Final: Game 2

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Chicago lead the series 1-0

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I hope everyone caught Game 1 of the series. It had the silliest goal I've ever seen (that counted)

Seabrook losing a skate blade

and the Lightning trying their damnedest to win 1-0 against the Blackhawks by sitting back in the turtle shell. They outplayed Chicago pretty handily for 30 minutes before letting up somewhat to end the second and completely going Head Down Pray Hard in the third. You need more than 5 shots in a period. It's strange, but true.

Some of you guys may not have heard of Teuvo Teravainen before that game either. Probably you have now. He scored the game-tying goal and assisted Antoine Vermette on the winner. Kid is a solid player. Chicago's prospects make me physically angry when I compare them to the Avs'.

Tonight's Game 2 is listed to start at 7:15pm Eastern on NBC and CBC. I'm going to assume that probably means 7:30 at least. See you there!