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Colorado Avalanche: News From Around the NHL June 9th, 2015

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Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Is this the end of Daniel Briere's hockey career? [Puck Daddy]

Steve Staios leaves the Toronto Maple Leafs to become the president of the OHL's Bulldogs. [The Globe and Mail]

Denver was ranked 8th best city for hockey fans. [9 News]

Is Rick Nash being shopped? [Blue Shirt Banter]

P.K. Subban joined some kids in a street hockey game. [SB Nation]

A team is probably better off going for best player available as against to filling a need when it comes to the Draft. [Big Bad Blog]

Manon Rheaume's story will be made into a movie. [The Hockey News]

Connor McDavid ‘soaking in' experience of watching Stanley Cup Final. [National Post]

Some players who lost Game Seven of the Stanley Cup Playoffs discuss what happened. [Sportsnet]

The 2015 NHL Scouting Combine fitness testing results. [Pension Plan Puppets]